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Dog Poop Only

Heart and Snout

Dog Poop Only is soundmachine and book preview with unreleased photographs (only for the iPhone and iPod touch!).

Are dogs “only human” too? That is, at least, what is likely to go through your mind when you use Moneypenny’s application “Dog Poop Only – Heart and Snout”  – full of humour and bouncing with vitality.

Stress Buster and Soundmachine: “Moneypenny” is a real dog of fascinating vitality and affability – quite simply a typical Parson Jack Russell Terrier. This easy-to-use application is pure fun if you want to release stress, want to have fun or just want to get some attention in the restaurant or cinema – try it, see it, but don’t smell it! But first turn on your audio … and go crazy!

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