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Addicted To Snow ADDICTED TO SNOW – Snowboard Photography Around The Globe
The high production quality of this book matches the spectacular action shots of devotees of the sport who are at home on the international snowboarding scene. The book offers an in-depth insight into the world of »snow crazy« professional sportspeople and fills a huge gap in the published material on this topic. While numerous magazines have published excellent snowboard photos, no other really serious coffee-table book has yet appeared which conveys the fascination of snowboarding – Freeriding, Backcountry Kicker Riding, SnowPark Riding and Jibben – quite like this book does.19,90 EUR
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World Trip Goodies Weltstücke – World Trip Goodies
After his successful and award-winning photographic study “Thailand – same same, but different” now comes Thomas Kalak’s latest book “Weltstücke”, in which he presents his very own, very personal and individual souvenirs, which he has collected during the course of his travels. His ever-seeking, resourceful angle of vision has managed to discover a number of small and delightful objects in many of the countries that he visited – rare, bizarre, amusing and exceptional souvenirs, which all reflect personal memories of foreign places and circumstances. Whether artful artefacts or natural findings from the wayside, the selection of his “Weltstücke” range from the creative spawn of nature to ingeniously designed articles discovered in the rearmost corners of remote souvenir shops.Awards
IF AWARD winner, category communication design and German Design Award Nominee24,90 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-940393-08-1

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Mallorca - Jörg Bräuer Mallorca – The Nature of Things
The beauty of Majorca, the endless variety of its forms and its architectural treasures all continue to this day to be a source of astonishment for visitors to the insula maior. There is something philosophical in his images. The sea, the coastline, piers and jetties, architecture, the Tramuntana mountains, the sky: all these motifs are reduced to their essence in photographs taken either at sunrise or sunset with a long exposure.Awards
3rd place International Photography Awards LA, Nominee Black & White Spider Awards29,80 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-940393-14-2

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Shophouses SHOPHOUSES – 4 x 8 m Bangkok Collector’s Edition
Beyond the skyscrapers and neon signs, which also increasingly oust the traditional cityscape of Bangkok, the photographer-artist, who was born in Germany in 1973, grants us an intimate view of the retail businesses that are typical of Southeast Asia and the lives of their owners. For many of them the mostly two-storey shop, that on the lower level is open to the street, is workplace and living space in one. Thus Nitsch’s photographs condense entire lifestyles in cramped surrounding that are often crammed full to the last centimetre and nevertheless radiate an almost meditative peace.189,00 EUR
Portfolio case with 44 sheets, 38 photographs
Copies: 100 
Signed, numbered
ISBN: 978-3-940393-19-7Order the collector’s edition by email. Delivery will take about 2 weeks.
Kim Young-Hee - LOVE KIM YOUNG-HEE – LOVE, The Mulberry Mermaids
»Few fantasy creatures have so intrigued storytellers as the mermaid – that aquatic heroine with the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish. The mermaid can thus be regarded as the female counterpart to the virile centaur or the unicorn, but proves even more ambigious in her attributes and intentions. 79,90 EUR
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