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Kim Young Hee - Sculpturing Screen Kim Young-Hee – Sculpturing Screen
The follow-up book “Sculpturing Screen” of the Korean artist Kim Young-Hee is the complementary output of the first book “Very Korean. Very European. Very Universal.”. Mulberry paper, with which Kim Young-Hee works almost exclusively, is common everywhere in Korea. It is an everyday material, which is used in the furnishing of houses and apartments and due to its limited durability needs to be constantly replaced.
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ISBN: 978-3-940393-15-9
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Thailand – Same Same, But Different Thailand – Same same, but different!
Bamboo scaffolding, knotted aerial lines, hand painted signs or converted plastic bags: The objects photographed in Thailand by Thomas Kalak, the photographer from Munich, are sometimes unusual, both funny and peculiar, and often mind-boggling. Far from the world of clichés, Kalak finds motifs that complement and enhance the famous image of the country and simultaneously document the unshakable cheer of the Thai people as true masters of improvisation. Like an explorer, Kalak wanders through Thailands’s streets and backyards in search of visual evidence of a hitherto unrecognised culture of everyday life, which reveals much about life within this city, about the Thai talent for resourcefulness and their amazing art of improvisation. Kalak shows us some pragmatic solutions to everyday problems, as well as a number of curiosities of which the practical use remains an enigma.
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ISBN: 978-3-9403930-4-3
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Playboard Magazine Playboard Magazine – Skate- & Snowboarding Design
This volume aspires to offer a creative illustrated book for graphic and magazine designers. The book brings together first-class international photographs and layouts from past editions of »Playboard Magazine« of designer Peter Nitsch while focusing on skateboarding and snowboarding. A professionally compiled »sketchbook« this volume takes a highly individual look at board-based sports – without going over board or succumbing to trendiness.
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ISBN: 978-3-9809430-0-0
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artword collection artword® collection
The postcard collection artword® by Germar Wambach presents a witty play about one word containing another. Both words interpret each other, often creating surprisingly new areas of meaning. In fact, whole stories are revealed, e.g. about human rights, politics, sex, and wisdom. The face of the 33 postcards shows one artword® each, with the German translation of both words on the rear side, accompanied by a short interpretation in English.
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ISBN: 978-3-9809430-5-5
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Bangkok - Urban Identities Bangkok – Urban Identities
Bangkok, mega-city, economic metropolis and city of 400 temples, can be both fascinating and sometimes nauseating at the same time: loud, dirty and chaotic, then again, there is also a peaceful and reserved side. The illustrated book at hand displays the “Venice of the East” in its contradictory beauty, without over-romanticising the city. Authentic, surprising and bursting with emotion. Peter Nitsch’s photographs document life on the streets of Bangkok with an individual and virtually intimate look at the city: The central theme is mankind within the urban environment of the metropolis.
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ISBN: 978-3-9809430-7-9
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Kim Young-Hee - Sculpture 2D Kim Young-Hee – Sculpture 2D
“Sculpture 2D – Very Korean. Very European. Very Universal.” combines Kim’s works of the most recent period, from both the Western and Eastern areas of culture, together in an enlightening dialog for the very first time: The result illustrates enigmatic, vivid sculptural compositions in the form of pictures, as well as a playful and humorous light heartedness, which sometimes manages to turn our Western way of thinking completely upside down.
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ISBN: 978-3-940393-07-4
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Nature Of Snowboarding Nature of Snowboarding
Gian Paul Lozza has concentrated on the outstandingly colourful characters he has met on the snowboarding scene. Completely different people from various cultures all drawn together by one overriding passion – their devotion to snowboarding. The simplicity of Lozza’s style places the emphasis firmly on the faces and striking personalities which so characteristically reflect the uniqueness of these pictures.
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ISBN: 978-3-9809430-2-4
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Swimming Pools Swimming Pools
As an ocean within your own garden or a venue for any public bathing facility. Andrea Altemueller has visited the blue pools from Germany to Switzerland, Italy and Brazil, and she has created atmospheric pictures, which make the deserted locations an ideal projection screen for our own desires.
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ISBN: 978-3-9809430-6-2
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Satellites Mistaken For Stars Satellites Mistaken For Stars
Alexander Egger is digging deeper into the realms of art graphic design illustration. Understanding the poetical potential of a refined everyday occurrence. Describing a disbelief in a fixed balance of power, normative aesthetics, and hierarchical contemplative concepts by taking a position and documenting a process of changing values.
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ISBN: 978-3-940393-16-6
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We have no scar to show for happiness We have no scar to show for happiness
The second book of Alexander Egger is an analytical process working up the surrounding environment by means of a collection of random everyday information. Alexander Egger is searching with open senses for counterparts to one’s own inner images in the outside world in order to give them the ability to manifest themselves with the help of the found external material.
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ISBN: 978-3-9403931-7-3
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