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Appreciate It And Quote Yourself

Appreciate It is a microsite on which people can post the myriad things for which they’re grateful. Faust aims to gather at least 1 million posts by December 31, 2010. In January, contributions to the website will be published in “the most sentimentalist holiday letter,” the length of which is expected to earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records under the appellation of “longest holiday card.”

During the holidays especially, people are more likely to express appreciation for family, friends and the little things that count. But that collective sense of gratitude wanes once the daily grind of work and life commences. For that reason, the project will remain live online well after the New Year.

Save the moment and express your gratitude for anything and everything now with

On The Difference Between Industry And Art

“Apps have to work, art does not.”
– Rupa Media

On Art

“Art is an idea that’s found perfect form. There are too many possibilities.
No matter how perfectly you do something, it can still be improved.”

– Paul Rand

About Complaining

“The best way to complain is to make things.”
– James Murphy