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Urban Ears Plattan Quilted Edition Headphones


This is the first model to be introduced from the editions line of headphones (€80) by Swedish Plattan. The quilted plattan features a padded headband and comfortable ear cushions wrapped in an all-over quilted stitching, just like the kind you’d find on your favorite jacket. Urbanears’ editions are special models with a little something extra for your ears.

WIN! Exclusive Vintage Eyewear

WIN! Exclusive Vintage Eyewear

Shop owner and film editor Sandy Saffeels decided to team up with our subsidiary get addicted to ... for a special eyewear give-away. Follow the link for further information on how to enter and win.

Saffeels’ is a unique urban fashion shop located in Munich, offering custom handbags, vintage eyewear and designer clothing. In our interview Sandy Saffeels talks about inspiration on opening her own fashion shop: “Eight years ago a friend of mine stayed at my place because he was in town selling his fashion to shops. Since I had some time available I supported him in finding people to whom he could offer his collection. I found myself very intrigued with this profession and dreaming of how my possible shop would look. After dismissing the idea over and over again out of reasonable reasons like: “The economy is dead” and “You are a film editor not a sales person!” the idea kept popping into my mind. I put off opening a shop and decided to go after other dreams first. So one summer I went on a rally to Mongolia in a fire truck, which we donated in Ulan Bator, the next year I acted on stage in a play for several weeks and the biggest adventure yet was still to open my shop. I knew that the things one regrets most in life are the things you never did, so here I am – I’ve opened my own shop and to top it off it has my own name: Saffeels’.”

Playboard Magazine – Best Of Design App

Playboard Magazine - Restrospective Design App

The “Playboard Magazine – Skate- & Snowboarding Designapp update is out now: The printed version is already sold out, but with this exclusive best of design ebook you’ll get more layouts, designs, more first-class international photographs and about 40 minutes of videos (Videomagazine #5) from the past editions of the “Playboard Magazine.”

A professionally compiled “sketchbook” this volume takes a highly individual look at board-based sports – without going over board or succumbing to trendiness.

If you’re a magazine or graphic designer, this ebook will be a good source of inspiration.

Playboard Magazine - Restrospective Design App

Playboard Magazine - Restrospective Design App

The Balloon Hat Experience

The Balloon Hat Experience

Hold back the dogs!
is how the Mongolian greetigg translates into English. By the look of them, Hold back the wolves! seems more appropriate. It is a tradition in Mongolia to take in strangers when the average winter night is 30 below.

Artists Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert take the simple art of balloon twisting around the world and elevate it to new heights with the Balloon Hat Experience trying to give something back to the people: smile! There’s much we need in these days of bad news.

Neutra-Eames House Numbers by Heath Ceramic and House Industries

Neutra House Numbers by Heath Ceramcis and House Industries

The eco-friendly ceramics company Heath Ceramics and House Industries are launching Heath house numbers, three-dimensional clay tiles celebrating the legendary Neutra and Eames fonts. Each eye-catching address plate is glazed in a matte finish with a raised, unglazed number – emblazoned with either the iconic font inspired by the work of Los Angeles architect Richard Neutra, or the playful stenciled font favored by Charles and Ray Eames.

“Bringing the Neutra and Eames-inspired fonts to life in clay form is so exciting to us,” says Heath Ceramics Creative Director Catherine Bailey. “Forming these beautiful and refined type-shapes out of an imprecise material, like clay, creates a fantastic contrast. The finished piece becomes as interesting as what’s likely to be housed inside the homes where the numbers preside.”

Fine Collection of Vintage Wooden Alphabets

Wooden Letterpress

These antique wooden letters were used for printing in letterpress and are now available via Vintage Marvels Etsy shop. The letters measure approx. 49 mm (1.93 inches) for the highest and 24 mm (0.94 inch) for the widest and the smallest measures approx. 21 mm (0.83 inch) in height. The blocks have been cleaned to remove dust and dirt while making great effort to still retain their ink stains and patina. We totally fell in love with them, we’re just waiting for the letter “R” …

A New Way to Communicate

YouTube Preview Image

Gmail Motion uses your computer’s built-in webcam and Google’s patented spatial tracking technology to detect your movements and translate them into meaningful characters and commands Why then do we continue to use outdated technology? Gmail Motion let’s you control Gmail with your body.

The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert

Camera Bag Insert

The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert is a camera version of a laptop sleeve that turns every bag you own into a camera bag. It fits like a charm in backpacks, messenger bags, even totes! Just nestle your camera, lens, and a few accessories into this four-wall padded insert then drop it into your bag with the rest of your everyday thingies. It even has five exterior pockets for your cell phone, keys, wallet, anything!

Box Light by Jonas Hakaniemi

Box Light

Just open it and let the light flood out. Close it and let the shadows reign. Jonas Hakaniemi’s Box Light is a lamp hidden away in a box, to be drawn out and exposed. A light adjusted with the touch of a hand. Forget about dimmers, this is as straightforward as interactive design can get. “Less is more is my motto. Just touch the light! Create your own light by sliding the lid.” Hakaniemi has a past in the graphic design business in Finland, and has always been interested in the fusion of industrial design and handicraft. Box Light was born in a workshop making a lamp by recycling a simple matchbox, a concept that now has evolved into a thorough sophistication, while still retaining the feel of eco-design and doing away with redundant technology. Although Jonas graduated from the design school in Helsinki just last year, he has already earned an honorable mention from the Red Dot jury for his Box Light. “Scandinavian design is all about timelessness and good quality objects. It has inner spirit, not just outer shapes. I hope to do more furniture design in the future, and I hope to produce beautiful and easy-to-use objects that make everyday life easier.” Great Design!

Procedural Lightpainting Technique

Illustration of the procedural lightpainting experimental technique by Christopher Warnow, member of the We Are Chopchop collective. You need a projector, a distance sensor and a camera set to longtime exposure. See the flickr set with experiments: flickr