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Marco Polo Reloaded – An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Accompany Lonely Planet travel writer Bradley Mayhew on an epic journey full of extraordinary adventures.

‘Marco Polo Reloaded’ is a four-part documentary travelogue along the length of the Silk Road; a fascinating journey in the footsteps of the great voyager Marco Polo. In the spirit of history’s great adventurer, the British travel writer Bradley Mayhew retraces and explores the historic route across eight countries, from Venice to Beijing. Each app contains a 52 minutes long episode of the documentary film ‘Marco Polo Reloaded’, along with short clips and many impressive photos and travel quotations. Discover what happens on the 8000 kilometer overland trip and share in the incredible and extraordinary adventure. And maybe pack your own bag in the near future.

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

“Travelling can be a very addictive thing. Sometimes it’s the intoxicating intensity of sights, sounds and tastes of a new culture that provides the daily drive for new experiences. For some it’s the meeting of new people, both locals with different views on life and also like-minded fellow travelers who share your passions or interests. At other times travel is just a superb escape, a worryless break from the pressures of bills, work and routine.

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Now that travel has become my job rather than my escape, I like to have a reason for travel, a theme perhaps or a goal: to learn more about Islam, to scope out a new trekking route or visit a country about which not much is known. I’ve always thought that the difference between travel and tourism is the element of active exploration rather than passive viewing, of seeing the country at eye-level and close-up rather than above or from a distance. I’ll always take the discomfort of a local bus rather than the ease of an air-conditioned tourist bus.“ – Bradley Mayhew

Marco Polo Reloaded – PREVIEW

Part 1: Marco Polo Reloaded – From Venice to Eastern Turkey

Part 2: Marco Polo Reloaded – Through Iran

Part 3: Marco Polo Reloaded – From Afghanistan to China

Part 4: Marco Polo Reloaded – Through China

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Marco Polo Reloaded - An Epic Journey Full Of Extraordinary Adventures

Interview Fjona Hill

Yan Morvan has been talking to Fjona Hill. Hill was born in England. After studying medicine, she turned to photography. She covers specifically with issues of addiction.

The Pleasure Of Good Photographs

Gerry Badger talks about fine art photography and the pleasure of good photographs.

Fix An SLR With Peanut Butter By Casey Neistat

YouTube Preview Image

Did you ever wanted to know how you can fix your SLR with Peanut Butter? Above you’ll see a smart, green, ingenious and tasty way by YouTube filmmaker Casey Neistat. Neistat has a show on HBO and won a Spirit Award for a feature film, but YouTube filmmaker is still the most flattering title. He’s also the creator of the HBO series ‘The Neistat Brothers’.

Gregory Crewdson’s Portraits Of Small-Town American Life

Gregory Crewdson's Portraits Of Small-Town American Life

Acclaimed photographer Gregory Crewdson’s 10-year quest to create a series of haunting, surreal, and stunningly elaborate portraits of small-town American life. Crewdson doesn’t just “take” his images, he creates them, through elaborate days and weeks of invention, design, and set-up. The epic production of these movie-like images is both intensely personal and highly public: they begin in Crewdson’s deepest desires and memories, but come to life on streets and soundstages in the hills towns of Western Massachusetts. In his decade-long project “Beneath the Roses” he uses light, color and character to conjure arresting images, managing a crew of 60 amidst seemingly countless logistical and creative obstacles.

Filmed over a decade, beginning in 2000, Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters provides an unparalleled view of the moment of creation of his images. It also reveals the life-story behind the work—through frank reflections on his life and career, including the formative influences of his psychologist father and his childhood fascination with the work of Diane Arbus. Childhood fears and ideals, adult anxieties and desires, the influences of pop-culture all combine to form who we are, and for Crewdson, motivate his work.

Bobby Marko Talks About LED Lighting

In this three part movie Bobby Marko is talkin about the pros and cons about LED lighting. Marko has been using LED lights for certain types of production and get questions from time to time. So he thought this would make a great topic for a video tutorial.

Orphion – Musical Instrument for iPad

Orphion ($4.99) by Sebastian Trump is a musical instrument with a unique sound between string instrument and percussion. Everyone can play expressive, wonderful sounds and easy or virtuosic melodies on it just by moving fingers on virtual pads.

Addicted To Snow 2.1 Incl. Nitro Video (34 Min.)

Addicted to Snow - Snowboard Photography Around The Globe

Snowboard photography around the globe! And: Action – The high production quality of “Addicted to Snow” matches the spectacular action shots of devotees of the sport who are at home on the international snowboarding scene. The snowboard photography book offers an in-depth insight into the world of “snow crazy” professional sportspeople and fills a huge gap in the published material on this topic.

Included in this app update is the 34 minutes Nitro Movie “What Goes Up Must Come Down.”

With 15 years of snowboarding experience behind him Helge Zirkl, the compiler of this book, has been snowboard editor with “Playboard Magazine” for the last eight years making him – one of the reasons he is an unbeatable authority on the snowboarding scene. design and photography.

This PIXSBOOKS app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
Available on the App Store

Addicted to Snow - Snowboard Photography Around The GlobeAddicted to Snow - Snowboard Photography Around The Globe

The Making Of FreshSox

A little over a year ago Brought To You By started branding their good friend Konrad as the newly minted FreshSox. One of the final elements of his brand to get produced was his business card. During the design process, BTYB knew they wanted to go the letterpress route and therefore met Nicholas Kennedy at Trip Print Press in Toronto, Canada. “We were so wowed with his work and amazing shop from day one, we found each subsequent visit was getting longer and longer. It’s the kind of place you don’t want to leave. It was a perfect storm of opportunity to record both the process of this new brand coming to life and the inner workings of a truly amazing letterpress shop.” – BTYB

Playboard Magazine – Best Of Design App

Playboard Magazine - Restrospective Design App

The “Playboard Magazine – Skate- & Snowboarding Designapp update is out now: The printed version is already sold out, but with this exclusive best of design ebook you’ll get more layouts, designs, more first-class international photographs and about 40 minutes of videos (Videomagazine #5) from the past editions of the “Playboard Magazine.”

A professionally compiled “sketchbook” this volume takes a highly individual look at board-based sports – without going over board or succumbing to trendiness.

If you’re a magazine or graphic designer, this ebook will be a good source of inspiration.

Playboard Magazine - Restrospective Design App

Playboard Magazine - Restrospective Design App